We’ve asked a few of our employees why Zinfra is a great place to work……

Perrin      Perrin Angus - Lineworker (Zinfra Southern Contracting)

“Zinfra’s culture is professional and driven to achieve even the most difficult tasks. Employees always strive to do jobs and tasks in the safest way, making sure the workers from higher management down to people in the field get home in the same way they left. A fun and enjoyable workplace.

For me, being able to be a part of a strong team oriented company that allows everyone to express their skills and also develop them, with no real limits to success and progress.”

Tahmina   Tahmina Tariq - Project Engineer (Zinfra Major Projects & Engineering – NSW)

“The best thing about working at Zinfra is the work culture. Zinfra is a very fair company and gives equal opportunities to all genders and race. Zinfra is also extremely focused on the health and safety of its employees and strives hard tomake sure that every employee goes back home to their family very safely. At Zinfra, management is very appreciative of their employees and is always recognising good work. The management also spends a considerable fund to up-skill the employees.

“The Zinfra culture is very much health, safety, equal opportunity and family oriented.  At Zinfra the management is very considerate and understands family needs and has plenty of options for one to maintain a balanced work and family life. Zinfra is always looking after its employees.”

Michael Bao - Project Manager (ZNX Network Services)

“ZNX provides an exceptional platform for young professionals to develop and grow. In my four years within the business, I have never been short on guidance and support. Being able to draw on the experience and knowledge from a range of field-based and office-based colleagues has helped me establish a firm foundation as a Project Manager within the business. The opportunity to manage a broad range of exciting projects, from customer initiated projects to network initiated distribution and substations projects, has given me a diverse skillset and a good understanding of the ZNX business as a whole.

ZNX is a business where talent and hard work are given recognition and innovation is encouraged. Achievements are acknowledged by senior managers and clients. New ideas and improvements to existing processes are strongly supported within ZNX. More recently an innovation committee was established, which is further testament on the focus of the business.”

Georgina McLauchlan - Business Support Officer- (Zinfra Southern Contracting)

“The culture at Zinfra is one of belonging to a team where we all help each other across various parts of this business to achieve the one goal of excelling in this industry as a new contracting company and also to build an excellent reputation.”

“The best part of working at Zinfra, for me, is the easy going atmosphere where everyone is approachable, from field crews to management.”

“We all have a few laughs but still work hard to get the job done. “

Ben Schmidt - Tester (ZNX Network Services)

“The camaraderie between work mates makes it a great place to work. The public interface when restoring power and helping customers during extreme weather events is very rewarding.

The environment is exciting, challenging and satisfying.”

Posenski    Richard Posenski - Supervisor (Zinfra Central Contracting)

“Without a doubt, first and foremost, the best thing about working at Zinfra is the people that I work and deal with and in particular the enthusiasm and camaraderie of work colleagues and more-over their good nature.

“From managers to field crews on the ground there is an array of people within our organisation with a wealth of experience and talent in differing areas of expertise.”

“They are really happy to share this experience and knowledge with you should you need help or advice.”

“A close second though is the type and variety of construction work we do at Zinfra.”

“The field work is never dull and always interesting, often challenging (Plan A for any work task doesn’t always work out) and the end result of a completed project, whether simple or more complicated in scope, personally satisfying.”

“I have found that Zinfra encourages personal development for the benefit of the individual, as well as the business, with a positive support and training structure and also providing reasonable opportunities for advancement within the business.”

“There is a strong work ethic evident amongst employees with an obvious willingness to contribute and make a difference which I feel can somewhat be attributed to loyalty towards, and pride in the Zinfra brand.”

“More-over, teamwork involving cohesive participation of our emplolyees effectively delivers projects, with employee and public safety as well as environment protection a priority.”