Zinfra's 2018 Graduates

Zinfra’s 2018 inaugural Graduate Program kicked off early this year with seven new graduates joining the team. On their first day, each graduate shared their thoughts and expectations of the program.   

'I have high hopes and expectations for this graduate program. I hope to gain experience and knowledge from a technical aspect as well as from a personal aspect. Taking as much knowledge as possible away from the program is my goal so that I can start my career and prolong it as much as possible, advancing where I can'. 

Corey Digioacchino,
Civil Engineer Graduate, Victoria, February 2018. 

'My expectations for working at Zinfra is to be able to learn, complete my responsibilities and all the tasks that are given to me. I would also like to grow as a person on the skills, gain an understanding of minor and major construction field works and their aspects'. 

Jeff Moussawi,
Civil Engineer Graduate, NSW, February 2018.    

'Coming into Zinfra as a finance graduate in 2018, I have many hopes and aspirations. As a fresh graduate, I hope this program will allow me to apply the knowledge that I have gained from university and look at finance procedures from a fresh perspective. More importantly, I recognise the opportunity to learn from all the staff here. I hope to be challenged and learn consistently on the job. Finally I look forward to meeting everyone and doing my best in every task'.  

Kayal Krishnamoorthi,
Finance Graduate, Victoria, February 2018.   

'I am very excited about Zinfra’s position in the current infrastructure and utilities industry. I hope to develop my industry knowledge and enhance my leadership skills. During the end of this program, I hope to have the technical and leadership competencies to lead electrical infrastructure and deliver them on time, under budget and safely'. 

Kris Rai,
Electrical Engineer Graduate, NSW, February 2018.   

'I am aware that the Zinfra graduate program is a training and development program, I believe therefore this program can help me develop my skills in various set of areas including technical and non-technical such as leadership, communication, teamwork etc. Zinfra’s values of ‘ACTS’ can help me achieve that aspect of my professional goal. Through the mentoring part of the program, I expect to familiarize myself with the ins and outs of the industry and hopefully make important connections in the industry at the same time'.  

Marzan Akter,
Electrical Engineer Graduate, Queensland, February 2018.    

'Through the Zinfra graduate program, I hope to be exposed to many different projects and services to gain valuable knowledge from them. By working with different teams and areas of the company I’d expect to learn from experts at the forefront and be able to utilise the thinking and research theory at the university in a practical real world situation. Ultimately I would like to develop my leadership skills and working capabilities. I hope that through this I will be able to provide some new ideas that will benefit the company and drive positive change in the future'. 

Melissa Xu,
Environmental/HSE graduate, Victoria, February 2018.    

'Being a part of Zinfra graduate program is an exciting opportunity for me to be a part of. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can from the leaders in my field to develop my skills and embracing the range of opportunities I will be afforded working in the estimating team. Having the opportunity to join a growing and changing company will throw its share of challenges, something I intend to grab with both hands and make the most of'.   

Mitchell Fly,
Estimator Graduate, Victoria, February 2018.