Application Process & Timeframes

Thank you for your interest in Zinfra’s Apprenticeship Program. Please follow the process below to apply for one of our positions:  


Step 1: Application form and resume

You'll also need to submit a resume, provide details of previous work experience and referees. Your resume and responses to the questionnaire will help us choose the applicants we believe would be most suitable for the jobs we have available. This process ensures that each applicant is assessed on a level playing field. Responses to these questions and your resume are a major tool used throughout the recruitment process to short-list candidates.

We typically receive over 1300 applications for the Apprenticeship program, so, please ensure you spend some time and effort compiling your responses.

We suggest reviewing our website before applying.

Step 2: Aptitude Test at assessment centre
Shortlisted candidates will be asked to attend an aptitude testing day at an assessment centre. The assessment takes 2-3 hours. Candidates must attend the assessment to be considered for the next stage of this process.

Step 3: Height Assessment (Lineworker Apprentices only)
Candidates who receive the highest scores at the Assessment Centre will be asked to come to our training area to complete a height assessment. With the assistance of a trained Lineworker candidates will be asked to climb a training power pole in full safety gear and a harness. Candidates will be asked safety questions and then will be asked to climb a ladder up the training pole, lean out from the pole and use basic hands tools. Managers will assess the candidates’ ability and confidence at heights.  For safety reasons, assessments may be cancelled due to bad weather (ie: if it’s too hot, wet, windy, etc.)

Step 4: Zinfra panel interview
If you successfully progress to the next stage, you'll be contacted by email or telephone to attend a Zinfra Panel interview. The panel will comprise representatives from the HR department and Managers from relevant business units.

You will be asked behavioural questions during the interview and your responses should include concrete examples that outline your demonstrated ability and/or experience.

Step 5: Background checks
To protect our business, our people and our clients, applicants may be asked to participate in background checks. The check might include: Two reference checks, residency, criminal history and a medical. If we conduct background checks on you, please do not assume that you are successful for the position. We conduct checks for a large number of applicants.

Final Step: Appointment
Once steps 1 to 5 have been successfully completed, the selection panel will assess the remaining candidates and come to a final decision.

If you're successful, we'll make you an offer in writing and confirm your start date. When you start, you'll complete our induction program to help you become more familiar with our organisation.




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Unsuccessful candidates

If you are unsuccessful at any stage you will be notified via e-mail. Please ensure you have your correct contact details on your application.



If you would like more information about our Apprenticeship Program, email us at